Research Projects
Musical Video Games
These three games (Cube, Pyramid, and Sphere) explores principles of player-music interaction to enable players, designers, and composers a toolkit for exploring the intrinsic musical properties of video games. These games were developed for Alex's Masters thesis: Developing Musical Video Games Through Principles of Player-Music Interaction.
Laptop Ensemble v1.1
This is a cross-platform peer-to-peer networking and data routing application geared toward the easy creation of networked laptop ensemble music. This application was programmed with Cycling 74's MaxMSP, is open-source, and is distributed freely.
Guitar Hero Instrument
This allows players to turn the XBOX 360 Guitar Hero controller into a playable instrument. It has a lot of tweakable features, including harmonic tweaking, overdrive, delay, scale selection, and scale temperament (from 3 to 25-note equal temperament).
This uses diffusion-limited aggregation to sonify the growth of gold nanorods in a centrifuge. It was used to generate much of the material for Gold Nanorods, an electronic piece of Alex's from 2008.
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